The hardest thing to learn in life


The hardest thing to learn in life

Sometimes, a bridge must be burned to enable living without fear, depression and pain every day. ~ Tiffany Fisher

I’d rather swim than to cross the same bridge again. ~ Aida Shariff

If someone continues to hurt you over and over again, its OK to burn that bridge. The way I see it, they knew how much you loved them and didn’t care. NOW, if that person decides to care let them rebuild that bridge. Plank by plank, nail by nail. Make them sweat for your love again. When you feel they have earned it and you can trust them and only then do you let them cross that bridge to be apart of your life again. Having hope and faith is a part of my life everyday. To hold onto hope makes me feel alive. To have faith makes me believe. Its all in how you want to look at it. Every situation is different and if you want to hold onto hope that someone will love you again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Hope helps you get over fear. Fear of living without that person and then time goes by and you look back and realize you have lived without them, that you can make it on your own. You can finally let go of hope and Know that your strong all by yourself. Having Hope, isn’t a bad thing. ~ Mary Heitman

God doesn’t mean for us to keep crossing the same bridge over and over with the people who continually treat us badly. Forgive them and pray for them. People who use people for their own benefit are truly miserable, unhappy people. ~ Sherry Brown

Some bridges have to be burned to continue your life without drama and stress. ~ Barbara Stempel

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