The worst part about being Strong


The worst part about being Strong

Even the strongest, wisest kind of soul needs a Thank-you or hug from time to time. ~ Denise Morris 

Sometimes when you are such a strong person, it is hard to ask for support and guidance. You would be surprised to find out who would listen. ~ Betsy Miller 

Even if you are not strong, nobody asks if you are okay, people are too wrapped up in their own lives to care about anyone else. ~ Angela Provancher 

We all need those strong people. Many of us have had to be that strong person. All the more the reason we need to remember to acknowledge that strength, and show compassion and ask. Society needs the strong, the valorous and it needs it’s heroes. Without them, we are a bland and hopeless lot. Tomorrow, ask the person in your life who in your opinion embodies that strength, and ask them if they are ok for a change. ~ Jim Alexander 

The lion represents courage & strength. They also are brave & fierce, especially females who are very protective of their cubs. This may explain why some people, who display strength on the exterior, may have an underlying problem in the interior in which others are oblivious to it. They give the impression that everything is fine, but in reality is false. That’s why communication is such an important factor. ~ Patricia Sandoval  

When it seems that the strong has shown weakness, people are shocked because you are who they run too. And now that you’re looking like you need a shoulder( cause you haven’t said a word yet) people are stunned and shrug their shoulders. ~ Karen Harris 

I am tired, so very tired of being strong and being the one most think does not need anybody to let me just have a moment to be less than strong. ~ Alison Blevins

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