To be Rich is not what you have in your bank account


To be Rich is not what you have in your bank account

Money is not everything in life. In our lives there are so many things that money can’t buy. Family, love & respect, they are the true happiness in ones life. Surely, all of us need money, but what it helps to obtain in life is temporary. ~ Vidura Jayasekera 

If you are wealthy then share it with others. What is in your heart will determine whether or not you can give to others no matter what and what comes from the heart is always more valuable than money. ~ Lauren Amos 

My son was disabled and only got a little over $500.00 a month to live on. He loved to help anyone he could and got a lot of pleasure out of doing it. He never worried about money, he didn’t get enough to worry about. Yet he did what he wanted to do. He went where he wanted to go. He would spend the last dime he had to feed some one that was hungry. He never worried about any of the things most people do. Except for his health, he was happy. The Lord took him home when he was only 38. He is no longer in pain all the time etc. He believed in God and trusted him to take care of his needs and He did. His Dad and I have always been poor and still are, so we couldn’t provide for him what he needed. My son was one of the richest people I ever met. ~ Roxie Mitchell 

Some people have their priorities in the wrong place. It’s nice to have a big bank account but is even better when you are willing to help and do good for others, having compassion for your fellow partner. ~ Delores Tidwel  

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