You don’t have to be rude. Always keep your class about you


Treat everyone with politeness

Be nice, just the same to everybody simply because you are a nice person.

Do all things with kindness. Try it just for a day. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

You don’t have to be rude. Always keep your class about you. 

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

Killing with kindness makes rude unkind people feel very bad most of the time. 

If they worth they will never be rude to you and if they aren’t you are more decent than descending to their level. ~ Raiyed Adeel 

Don’t take their rudeness personally, you don’t know what happened to them today or recently, could have found out horrible medical news, lost a home or job, accident, lost a loved one, scared for a loved one, our fears and worries may look like rudeness, so giving them a smile, a hug when appropriate, a handshake & sincere compliment about something personal to them, could help their day far more than you know. ~ Debbie Dennison 

I will not stop down to their level and my niceness. They don’t deserve either. Just keep on tracking and let it slide like they don’t matter at all. Ignore their taunting/rudeness they will leave you alone. ~ Norma Powell 

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