Treat people the way you want to be treated


Treat people the way you want to be treated

If you want to be respected by your community, be known for a person of good character, treat people well and speak to them in such a way that you would want to be spoken to. (Being polite and kind to people is another matter) To respect someone is to admire someone or something because their abilities, qualities or achievements. We cannot possibly immediately feel that for strangers. Unless they are in a position of authority, policeman, mayor, teacher. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Loyalty, Trust and Respect is what you have to earn.

You do have to earn respect, you wouldn’t want to respect a murderer or a rapist or a robber or anyone that does anything that is bad. So I believe you only respect people who are respectable and show respect. You can act respectable for yourself not for them. ~ Beverly Nelson 

By treating others with respect and respecting your self at the same time is how you earn that respect. Whether disrespectful people give to you or not is their choice of the reflection of who they are, deep down they know you are a truthful and respectable person. ~ C M Eunice 

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