What is Pure Love?


What is pure love

A love which is right in your soul, a love that will never die, even if you aren’t together.

If you truly love someone, ready to leave everything for. No matter what it is, as you just want to see him happy.

True love is when you spell there name with your alphabet soup or you lose your breath when you look at them or when they just lightly touch.

Imagine, If my husband’s happiness came before mine & he thought the same way, that my happiness came before his, everyday we would be living a life, concerned, looking out for each other’s best interest. I think that how it should be. ~ Brigitte Nicole

When two people who are selfless, then you have a wonderful relationship. ~ Kimerly Keshock

Love is when the other person’s happiness is as important as your own, no more or less and that is a healthy relationship. Otherwise it is either dependency or co-dependency which unfortunately people thing it is “love”. ~ Marjon Moheb

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