Whatever happened over this past year


Whatever happened over this past year

Everyone has a lesson to learn at what ever stage they are at in their lives. Even the heroin addict. He needs to learn precious valuable lessons. Who knows what they are, Jail, institutions, lets hope not death. Hope he learns his lesson before that. Some never learn it unfortunately and some have to learn it over and over. If you’re not happy where you are, all by the choices you made, you obviously have a lesson to learn from it. 

How much you are growing as a person? How you are handling your struggles and if they are making you a stronger person, I wish you the best in the future and I hope that life brings you more happiness. You deserve it. Stay strong. You never know what the future may bring. You have to keep believing and have faith.

Happy or sorrow, love or hate, heaven or hell. There is a reason for everything and everyone encountered in your life. Face your life with a positive attitude, that’s the lessons you have to learn. ~ Jeffrey Wang 

No matter what life puts in our life we will cope with it and get on with it, some people just don’t. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Things happen, we have no control over anyone only yourself. So pick yourself up and get on with it hold your head high smile. ~ Paula Malone 

Life isn’t always going to be easy and we go through hard times to make us stronger. Everything we need doesn’t just fall into our laps. We have to take steps to get there. I’m very thankful for where I am today, because this year has opened my eyes to many things. ~ Michelle Townsend 

I don’t want to be where I’m supposedly meant to be. I want to be where I want to be. Things don’t just happen to me, or you. We can make choices, we can make decisions. We can be where we want to be. ~ Marijke Janssen 

It’s been a really tough year for me, a real emotional roller coaster and I’ve questioned everything I believed in once. As a result I hope to become a stronger person and have realized it’s ok to question things and through it all I will grow as a person, realizing my strength and value as an individual. In a way, I count my blessings and every life lesson that’s come my way. ~ Sharon Bush 

I do like to be here, but I do hope that I’m not going to spend the rest of my life here where I am. I would like it to be a place where I can always come back to but not stay here for ever. Not like how things are at the moment. ~ Eleriin Ratsep

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