When people are rude to you


When people are rude to you

Their rudeness is their ignorance. Let go and step away from their childish drama.

Most people who say rude things do not think they are being rude. (Unless they are on a power trip and are deliberately establishing a hierarchy of who gets to disrespect whom.) Not responding is great, but they think you are being rude and giving them the silent treatment and start to punish you with real silent treatment. Still. If you are in a situation where the other person just doesn’t get that they are being rude, walking away is a great idea. ~ Theresa Evans 

I can certainly stand up for myself, inform them of their rude and inappropriate behaviour, with empathy and understanding if they are having a bad day, but also just let myself be respected as a person with rights just like anyone else, with class and character. I refuse to just be stepped on. I have more pride and love in me than to just let my own personal humanity be stripped from me like I’m garbage and meaningless. ~ Jessica Gallagher 

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