When you have a good Heart


When you have a good Heart

Don’t let the world get you down, rejoice in your joy.

People with big hearts sometimes get off guard and don’t see the bad in people.

If you truly have a big heart, it is full with joy and too busy being happy than to be brought down with negativity. ~ Jessica Renee 

When we have a good heart, at least we can lay our head down and night and know we did the right thing. ~ Davey Sims 

Over time we realize who we can trust and who we can’t trust. It’s some peoples nature to be giving, kind, and love to help others. There’s nothing wrong with that and they wouldn’t have it any other way. ~ Victoria Mack 

Even though we good hearted people get hurt, we keep helping, trusting, giving, and loving others. One has to determine when they are being used and not be enabling to another and, we do seem to get hurt more than those who don’t do these things. But, it does not constitute being used as a doormat. ~ Donna Boykin 

When you have a good heart, you have to be responsible, to yourself and your gifts. When you are responsible, you are less likely to get hurt, you are less fearful of giving, and you are giving the “right” amount to the “right” people. Be free to give. ~ Jennifer Chiu

Boundaries are so important. Prioritize. Learn to say No sometimes. Take care of yourself first, otherwise resentment will grow and you will not have positive energy to share. ~ Melodie Tucker 

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