When you do something right


Sometimes you face difficulties not because your doing something wrong

The right things are hardest to do and sometimes not right for everyone.

The challenges of life are our best learning experiences.

 The greatest of rewards are earned and appreciated.

Doing Right is the only thing that makes one comfortable with oneself no matter how difficult it was. ~ Rachid Adam

Life is full of difficulties, right or wrong, they are there. The key is is to never give up and never give in. ~ Rachel Haas 

If you never come against the devil, you both are probably going the same direction. ~ Barbara Hughes 

 If you are doing something, make sure you are doing it for the right reason. ~ Norma Powell

Sometimes doing the “right” things are very difficult. Taking the easy way out requires no discipline. Reality is doing the right thing requires discipline, courage, determination, integrity, honesty, kindness and love for God, self and mankind. ~ Brigitte Nicole

Ask anybody who was faced with a very difficult decision but knew it was the right one to make. Even though this decision meant a lot of self sacrifice, a lot of courage, a lot of hard work and perhaps loss or change but the end result was going to bring them peace or a better life. Doing the right thing sometimes is very difficult. Example, Leaving an abusive marriage, breaking an addiction, change toxic friendships/relationships/changing jobs, relocating, your lifestyle, setting boundaries. Doing the right thing is hard sometimes. ~ Brigitte Nicole

I am going through many difficulties right now because I am changing and growing, becoming more aware, and working to deal with my past in a more productive and lasting way. This is the hardest work I have ever done in my life, but I know this is right. The alternative is to continue living blindly, and continue to pretend everything is “okay”. ~ Stephanie Aberlich 

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