You are always responsible for how you act


You are always responsible for how you act

Everyone’s responsible for their own actions. Circumstances may be mitigated by different influences but ultimately we are responsible for our actions.

We teach our children that our actions affect others lives. The way people treat you does have an affect on your choices. It’s part of being human. ~ Heather Galloway

Never act when you are angry, sad or feel lost or left alone, but it is not always that easy to follow. ~ Benedicte Seile 

Acting is one way. Reacting is related to the actions you receive. Thus, reaction is a shared burden. You have only your part of responsibility. ~ Gerasimos Loukatos 

Feelings can be extremely hard to maintain or to control but you have 100% control on your reactions regarding any situations. ~ Unknown

Even though you hurt inside, it´s no excuse to hurt someone else. ~ Ewita Rosberg

Authentic love is the absence of judgment. Try to treat others from that place in your heart, that just want for others what you want for yourself. ~ Jan Scroggs 

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