You have a lot to Thank God for


Pray not only because you need something

If we look around, we will find tons of things you can thank god for, if our health is good, some people are not and live with many disease. If our parents alive some people without parents etc. ~ Leila Mohammed 

I always thank HIM for loving me. I may not rich but I am so blessed when in times of my hard times I can feel God is at my side. ~ Jessyline Maquito

Thank you God for your kindness love care from your beloved humble caring children family, friends, work etc. Happiness fills your heart, your mind & soul. Happiness that every beat it sings and shines warmth, kindness to others, listening to quality music lyrics feels the sunshine inside. Smile :)) Smile:)) Smile. If you pray within or you do not pray within God hears and sees his all caring hearts earth and heaven Grandparents and elders. Prayer within for each Home sweet Home same key, same doors. Oh God thank you for never leaving your beloved children beautiful, Holy original Holy BOOKS. May God bless YOU and your priceless treasure family, friends prayer for all within prayer Holy Beads. ~ Sudhi Pandya 

Our children and youth are fighting their own battle. Battle against illiteracy, irresponsible parenthood, hunger, poverty. But if you see any one of them, you can see bright faces, no regrets but full of hope for a bright tomorrow. Yes, they may be materially deprived but they know, deep inside their hearts, there are people whom they are thankful of their benefactors, who are always there to fill in the gaps, so they may feel they are being cared for and loved.

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