You need to forget what’s gone in your life


You need to forget what's gone in your life

I’ll never will get the love off him I want and deserve. It’s not possible for him to see and to appreciate the love I have for him and what he has and losing now only because he will not let himself helping by a psychology. So with lots off pain in my heart I have to say bye bye marriage and relation of 11 years. I’m going to choose for myself and our two girls now. ~ Debby Burghouwt 

I am going through a break-up. We have been together for 29 years and married for 23. He has said he no longer loves me and has left. My heart is breaking as I have just found out that he has someone else in his life. He has a track record but I had always forgiven him and taken him back. I cannot do this to myself any more. I have support from my son, family and friends and will grow stronger. It’s a little scary as I don’t know what is coming next in my life but I will get there. ~ Lorna Fenton 

Always remember your past, don’t forget it because you learn from such mistakes which happened in past. It helps you to make your present and future better than past.

Our attitude will dictate the road ahead. You must believe that this is only a small bump in life, it’s not the end of the world. Things will get better.

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