At the end of a relationship


At the end of a relationship

People have taken off the mask to reveal their true self.

Like a puzzle when you’re done with it. When you’re able to put the pieces together and make the picture complete and you can only do so bit by bit. ~ Janes Padioan 

In the beginning it is not love that brings you together but lust, When you have truly been through all trials of marriage or any relationship and find yourself still together at the end then I would call that love. ~ Geraldine Jackson

They no longer are trying to impress you so they show their true colours and often are very cruel on their way out of the relationship. ~ Vanessa Tennant 

Don’t give all at once save 50 percent love for yourself. At the end of the day you can walk away with your head up. ~ Lilia Aquino 

Lived it in every relationship. It’s crazy, it’s like you never knew the person you were next to. It’s one of the most hurtful part of a break up. In every end of all of mine I always continued to love and wish the best as we part ways & to others I was just another on their list. However, no matter all the pain I continue to have hope and love hard. ~ Janet Suarez 

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