Listen to others but don’t lose your own voice


LISTEN to others but don't lose your own VOICE

To give is to be used. To love is to be abused. To trust is to be naive. To listen is to lose one’s voice. The greatest lesson learned. It used to hurt but it doesn’t anymore. Love lives here. ~ Cassandra O’Brien

Sometimes we don’t want to listen to our inner voice/instincts because truth can hurt & it causes the heart pain and sadness. ~ Jules Kens 

When we have a good heart and get hurt, life sends us the right people and situations to balance out what is safe to share. Our heart is not to give but to share. What is the use to give from our heart and be left with emptiness? ~ Denise Offermann

Love is the priceless gift to drink but it is bad to fall in it, everything comes and everything goes but Love come once and it never goes. ~ Rishi Srivastava 

I am in that place now but I am trying to not harden my heart. Be positive and just make sure to give your heart to the right person in the future. What I find is helping is to learn to strengthen and love myself first then I am in a stronger place if it happens again. ~ AlexFree Thinker

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