Others may misunderstand your good intentions


Others may misunderstand your good intentions

Thank you Lord for knowing my heart. You are all that matters. ~ Amanda Jones 

I don’t need to defend myself, God knows my heart. Nothing can keep a secret. ~ Rose See 

God knows us better than we know ourselves and he knows our path. 

No one really knows, unless they’ve walked a mile in the shoes you wear. Some only see the picture perfect outside. ~ Rita Miller 

God is always in our heart and love us no matter what. 

Life is a journey where people will always be there. We may encounter some who will make this path difficult but we may also learn that by loving them and forgiving them, we can continue the journey. Praying God all the way through that one day we will be understood by everyone. Meanwhile we will learn to forgive and try not to be too hard on ourselves and on the others. Because the perspectives may vary from one angle to the other and people may also vary. God is love. ~ Karima Maach 

God knows by heart when my intentions aren’t good as well. Yet through His infinite grace, He still loves me. ~ Bethany Teahan 

Remember, we are made perfect in every way. 

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