Our eyes need to be washed by our tears


Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while

Tears reside inside your soul, were made to release your pain, to heal, to wash, all what stain, never buried wounds of yesterday, don’t have regret either lose or gain. ~ Dina Ismail

Never try to hold back your tears too long. Just let them flow sometimes to unburden your heart. ~ Suman Ghai

When looking for a partner look for your best friend, not a lover, or someone sexy. You need the respect a lifelong friend (BEST FRIEND) can give, and the rest will be their. Of all the people I ever meet that were wed for over 20 years were always best friends for life above all else then lovers, partners & spouses. ~ Ed Begalke

Learn to accept everything with a cheerful heart. Forgiving people that are not worthy of forgiveness makes my life more wonderful and above all, prayer because in God, you will never be lost. ~ Jane Malagueno

Lord listen when I cry to you for help. Take control of what I say. Keep my lips sealed. Let the Godly strike me. It will be a kindness. Everybody need to be loved. ~ Lucrecia Cuartero

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