People that know you the least


People that know you the least

The people that you know the most judge you the most critically. ~ David Rapp 

They are often disguised as the people who know you the most. ~ Mpulziv RC 

Learning not to judge others is a part of this epic life journey. It just stings when others judge you before they truly know you or your heart. So, lets live and let live. ~ Trish Hiduk 

Sometimes it’s the other way around. People whom you think knows you the most, whom you spent more time with, whom you expect to defend you from other people’s unreasonable and unfair judgement, are the ones who easily turn their backs on you. ~ Monixx Nayrz 

You spend your youth worrying about what people think about how you look, then when you’re older you realize for the most part. They’re not looking at you anyway. Just be who you are and be happy with yourself. With age comes wisdom. ~ Janet Ashton 

I used to clarify and everything, but then I think again. It’s no use, what they think about me has nothing to do with my life. I’m still here, still happy and alive. ~ Puput Reza

A true friend is one who will offer their hand to stand by your side and encourage you through whatever circumstance you face. 

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