Pray not because you need something


Pray not because you need something

For whatever you have and for whoever you are, pray.

Wave of gratitude made a wonderful ocean in our heart. ~ Florentina Anghel 

Attitude of Gratitude draws more goodness within.

Thank Lord for everything you have in your life. 

If you are going to ask for something be sure you first say thank you for all you have already. ~ Lori Baca 

Woke up this morning and just started praising him and so happy and full of Joy. This is a lifestyle worth living. ~ Unknown

We thank God for what he already done for us and thank Him for what he is going to do for us. Be thankful & grateful for everything. Pray in every situation good or bad. All praises and glory belongs to Him only. To God be the glory. ~ Rudy Garcia 

Pray to God to tell him how much you love him, how much you want to be with him. The sad part is that we remember God only when disaster befalls us. Then we are desperate to attract his attention. Then when everything goes off well , we forget His Blessings and take the credit ourselves. Make a habit of keeping God in your thoughts all the time and see his Grace flowing through you and feel blessed. ~ Malobika Gupta 

I don’t have a lot because I am poor guy but still I pray to God and thanks him for always loving and caring me. ~ Vesh Limbu 

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