Talk more about your blessings

Talk about your blessings

Blessings are uncountable, you need a lot appreciation so why do you leave it to discuss problems. Let your life be full of happiness, thanksgiving & praises. God promised He would never allow your problems to over you. Be sincere & be grateful. ~ Emmanuel Yeboah

One should always talk about blessings. Good and Bad, both are illusion. The one you believe in, will become reality. ~ Silver Lining

There is always a positive in the negative if you look for it. Happiness is our responsibility. ~ Heidi Pitts

Talking about problems and complains only increase the negative vibration. So see positive parts of life. ~ Sampa Das

If we focus on our blessings in life from our God, then we have no room to focus on the negative or be around people like that. We get what we give in life. ~ Jennifer Ritoli

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