The worst person to be around


The worst person to be around

It’s our responsibility to surround ourselves with good, diverse and positive people who challenge us to be better. Continuous self betterment. ~ Julie King 

It could be the best person to be around at that moment because it will remind me to be grateful and appreciative for what I have. Everyone serves us. Sometimes it’s a lesson of what not to do or how not to behave. ~ Alex Harlander 

They are the worst energy vampires around, they suck the life out of you if you let them. Nagging and always seeing the glass half empty. ~ Ana Luisa

And all you’re actually doing is dooming yourself to have more, of what you’re complaining about. People isn’t really aware of this, look and focus in the thing that make you happy and you’ll see more of happiness. ~ Mundo Del Nelle 

The person who complains most are those who have more idea than yours. The person cannot appreciates the things because he knows better. They are not worst person, they are looking for the a group of persons who can understand them. ~ Roly Hechanova 

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