Those people who always try to be there for others


Those people who always try to be there for others

The people who are always trying to be there for others generally know what it means means to have nothing and or no one.

We learned to give because we know what it feels like to have nothing. It is always good to be there for others. Giving/sharing means caring. Love thy neighbor as you love thyself. I care because I love. ~ Germie Florendo

Today, I have decided to let someone go. They just don’t give anything back. Nothing, not even a thank you. ~ Laurie Hall

A little kindness goes a long long way.

It is the only way you can truly understand someone who is where you once were. It is the way to pass on the lessons you have learned, without resenting or regretting your own ‘stuff’. Be who you wish you had had. ~ Lisa Ruttle

It’s just my nature to give never ever expecting anything in return. I got pleasure helping people. It made me feel good. Now they left me treating me like dirt and they moved on the good memories help, but the battle scars are so very deep. I’m not a vindictive or vengeful person but what was done to me they should feel the loneliness, betrayal and pain I have endured for the last six months. Lord hear my cries and prayers for your help. ~ Michela Peragine

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