Those who have little, have the most to give


Those who have little, have the most to give

They know what it feels like to have nothing. ~ Angela Freeman

It is the small things in life that matter the most. It is from his heart. ~ Debbie Cernoch

Having a heart is more than anyone could ever give sometimes people forget that poor people have a heart of gold to most people if you don’t have money they don’t think they should be loved. ~ Sheila Nutter

Life is not about material things it is about so much more. ~ Darlene Crockett

We are too quick to judge people on what they look like instead lf looking at their heart. ~ Sue’n Bob Koshman

If you have something more things, you must give it to poor people who need help. ~ Munkhzul Choijamts

I had this happen to me once. I had given a shirt to a homeless man and months later he came to my door bringing flowers. It was very touching. ~ Dawn Ferguson

Like the homeless woman I passed one afternoon. I’m without a car, with a bag on my back, tiredly on my way home after buying a few necessities and still calculating how to make ends meet through the month. As I passed I greeted her and asked her how she was doing (everybody here knows Susan). Susan was sober, cheerful as always and replied: “blessed as always by the grace of God.” On the one hand it made me feel ashamed, on the other her words filled me with gratitude for what I have. People who have little some times truly have the most to give. ~ Posi Tief

One must always remember, we never know when we are entertaining an angel. We must always remember that not every homeless person or person just down on their luck is a drunk. I personally think that one would be so lucky to meet up with this person. ~ Sheila Hammel

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