Two things to remember in Life


Take care of your thoughts

Words are a reflection of what one thinks except when people are trying to deceive you. Therefore, the words have to be consistent with the outward behavior you see in a person, if they aren’t, something is not right. That is true except sometimes people push you and the best you can do in the moment, is to take care of words. But ultimately, it is our thoughts that control us. Research shows 6-10 seconds before a thought even occurs, there is brain activity so our thoughts are initially based on unconscious childhood or life experiences. but once they come into the conscious realm, we have power to change them by choice/freewill. So we don’t have to be controlled by them but we can modify, edit them. If you take care of them you don’t have to watch your words. Words we speak are a result of how we think about things. ~ Barbara Robinson Brown

We are humans! Much of our thoughts are govern by the society we live in we all want peace but life. ~ Yogesh Morjaria

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