Some people can be mean & treat you poorly


Some people can be mean & treat you poorly

Treat other the way you want to be treat & if you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut.

What goes around, comes around and if you roll in the mud with the pigs the only thing that happens is you get dirty too.

People’s actions always will speak volumes about themselves and how they feel about you. It’s all about their own misery, unhappiness and unresolved anger. I say ‘walk away from those people’. They just love to bring others down to their own level. Too toxic for me. ~ Barbara Bernabei 

Poor behavior that undermines anyone, is a lesson teaching you to revaluate the contact and to not accept unacceptable behavior. Not necessary to point it out either, you can’t change other people. A person can see what they want a relationship or friendship to look like and proceed trying again. Keep it simple. ~ Suzanne Mead 

There is no doubt that the actions of others can be hurtful, often without any reason or logic that you can see. But there is one thing that nobody can take away from you, your reaction to the situations and circumstances of your life. That’s where your true strength lies, in the ability to choose the way you respond to the events and circumstances of your life. Taking ownership of your life means understanding that you do actually have choice, and to use it. ~ Blair Robinson 

My dad raised me to not be mean & make fun of people for what ever cause, looks, disabilities, poorness, respect, etc. Most of these values of how we treat others are lost. ~ Jennifer Jackson 

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