Learn how to say ‘NO’


learn how to say no

No one can ever take advantage of you. YOU allow it, and to think otherwise is taking the “victim” mentality. Take responsibility for your actions, even those where your intent is to do good. DO NOT look at people through rose colored glasses. ~ Scotty Pop

Why should one feel guilty to say no to what he knows is wrong. What you feel wrong is wrong stick to it without any guilt. Do not say yes, against your own conscience, simply to please some one. ~ Surinder Sandhu 

Too much alibis or too much excuses can destroy someone’s trust. Straightforward is better than to take advantage to a person. ~ Lucrecia Altrecha

Most of women do have a bit of trouble saying “NO” so think of it this way it is only two small letters in the alphabet but they mean so much yet just two letters “NO”! ~ Lady Raddatz

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